Restaurants' on-site waste cooking oil recovery, refinement, & retail Vegetable Oil (VO) Diesel Fuel

Farmers' pressed VO Diesel Fuel too!




Glowtration Station

The 100th Grease Monkey Glowtration Station, a solar-powered integrated seed press / refinery / fueling station, has been designed, with components sourced, and pending development.   The premise of the Glowtration Station is revolutionary: for the first time since Dr. Rudolf Diesel's vision of farmers growing their own fuel, the Glowtration Station, which could be built on or off grid, could fulfill that vision; so long as it were to coincide with the mass deployment of vegetable oil conversion kits and even the mass production of the Straight Vegetable Oil Engine.  100th Grease Monkey seeks collaboration on this project, as we know that automobile manufacturers have iterated on direct inject engine designs for optimal injector timing, and we feel that proper SVO engine component choice, programmed injector timing, and farm vehicles' solar heat element; coupled with the regular use of our Glowtration Station, could see an end to Organic Farmers' petroleum dependency.

We are aware that the government may require a fuel tax with the Glowtration Station; and as such are also open to the installation of our retail fuel interface component, as long as the pressing of Organic non-GMO Winter Rapeseed oil or Hemp oil were both required and responsibly executed in crop rotation and not to the detriment of requisite food supply.  According to the Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, 10% of Winter Rapeseed grown on Danish farmland could power 25% of Danish passenger vehicles alongside myriad other benefits, such as soil replenishment and an excellent livestock seedcake feed seed press process byproduct. This model has global impact capacity.

100th Grease Monkey Stance on GMOs

Despite Green America's deep health and environmental concerns with GMOs underscored by details on how genetically modified organisms destroy natural ecosystems and evolutionary processes and increase cancer risks under the false guise of benefits in terms of yields, the Federal Government has not yet required GMO labeling on foods while placing the cost burden of Organic certification on Farmers.

Here at 100th Grease Monkey, we feel that Farmers should not be penalized, but instead incentivized to grow Organic crops. And until EPA, FDA, and USDA require GMO labeling and increase oversight of and penalizations for persistently toxic herbicides, we will only work for our technology to increase the economic benefits of Farmers willing to transition to 100% Organic.